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Sustainable projects and Nature-Based Solutions have increased its acceptance and are of great interest both at the public and private sector, giving a competitive advantage to those who understand the electoral value of this vision and those who makes it Political Capital.

Capital Natural is a consulting firm specialized in designing and planning SUSTAINABLE PROPOSALS taking into account the environmental and social needs of each region, state or municipality in order to strengthen electoral campaigns.

We offer state and municipal governments project proposals in the following areas:

  • Sustainable, rural and community tourism.
  • Economic valuation of environmental services.
  • Sustainable fishing and aquaculture, with special emphasis on artisanal fishing and value chains.
  • Fishing Improvement Programs.
  • Certifications of sustainability of fishery and forest products.
  • Plans for mitigation and adaptation to Climate Change.
  • Awareness workshops and focus groups on environmental and social issues.
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of management plans for state and municipal protected natural areas.

When considering Sustainable Development in public policy, it is understood that the center and main objective of this development scheme is the WELL-BEING of people and their right to a healthy environment for themselves and their family.

Sustainable Development has at its core, the economic valuation of environmental services,  which make up the Natural Capital of each country, state or municipality, this is  the starting point for their public policy and development programs.

Economic valuation of environmental services

Climate change adaptation plans and mitigation strategies

Environmental and social focus groups and workshops

Design and implementation of protected natural areas

Public Policy and Campaign Strategies:

To be successful, any political campaign must value the environmental issue as one of its main axes or lines of action.

Capital Natural offers permanent advice to candidates or campaign officials on the following issues:

  • Design and implementation of the environmental issue in political campaigns, based on nature-based solutions.
  • Design and evaluation of development programs for candidates on environmental, social and sustainability issues.
  • Awareness projects and focus groups on environmental issues before, during or after the campaign.
  • Preparation, evaluation and monitoring of candidates’ proposals on environmental, social and sustainability issues.

Design and  implementation of environmental projects and policy for campaigns and governments

Focus groups and  environmental problem assessments

Analysis and strategies on environmental issues

Economic valuation of environmental services

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