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Nature-Based Solutions are a new concept that encompasses all actions that rely on ecosystems and the services they provide to respond to various societal and economic challenges such as climate change, food security or disaster risk.

By taking as a starting point for a project the Natural Capital of a region and the ecosystem services they offer, a large number of alternatives are presented that strategically offer better options to solve the problems caused by development, poverty, climate change and lack of sustainable vision.

Working from the perspective of NbS generates economic and social benefits to the community, while protecting the environment and conserving the Natural Capital of the region and strengthening the public image of its promoters.


Examples of Nature-Based Solutions

  • An elected candidate who helps create a marine protected area with a management plan for fishing and sustainable tourism, which increases local income and their quality of life.
  • A developer that protects and restores a nearby forest that is crucial for the city’s water collection and supply, which also sequesters carbon, prevents erosion, and regulates the climate.
  • A tourist development planting and conserving mangroves, which are the ecosystems that capture the most carbon, where the juveniles of 80% of commercial species spend time and also protect the coastal areas from storms and floods.
  • A municipality that promotes education and carries out initiatives to protect and use a coral reef in a sustainable way to maintain it as a natural barrier against climatic phenomena and generate sustainable tourism activities.
  • A community that takes advantage of the attractions provided by the ecosystems (bird watching, trails, sport fishing, hot springs, landscape, archeology, production of agricultural products) of its locality for sustainable tourism projects.

Marine protected areas with a management plans for fishing and sustainable tourism

Reforestation, critical for a  city’s water supply

Sustainable Tourism through  mangrove conservation, ecosystems that capture high volumes of carbon

Coral reef conservation for sustainable tourism, cultural values and as a natural protection against storms

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